Iranian Govah Cosar

Iranian Govah Cosar Co. mostly concerns the integrity, impartiality, confidentiality, and conflict of interest as potential interests in the issuance of management systems certificates. The strategy of Iranian Govah Cosar Co. is impartial, and all staff are fully committed to achieving impartiality and maintaining confidentiality in all their daily affairs. There is close and strict monitoring of the impartiality of those involved in the certification process to ensure that the concept is not misunderstood. Iranian Govah Cosar Co. considers the spirit of trust to be the core of its work and has focused on providing certification services to all clients and the general public by:

  • Professional integrity and transparency in all its activities
  • Being impartial
  • Justice
  • Recruitment of qualified personnel
  • Confidentiality
  • Responding to complaints, criticisms and comments
  • Considering different suggestions and views or perspectives
  • Provide access to relevant collected information

Conflict of interest and objectivity are outlined in the agreements, so that all management system certification activities are performed in an independent, impartial, yet confidential procedure.