Declaration of Impartiality and Confidentiality:

To support and improve the integrity, hard work and good practice of audit profession, in accordance with the implemented and professional standards, we declare our commitment to the following organization’s rules as below:

We maintain our honest and impartial attitude, and serve with loyalty in accordance with the organization’s policy
We behave impartially and do not have any business and financial burdens which might affect the impartiality policy
We do not convey wrong or misleading information on purpose which could influence the integrity of verification of competency processes and decisions
In case of facing immorality in colleagues’ behavior, we will act gently and professionally
We do not have any relationship with stockholders and employers of the organization and have no status in possessing, directing and managing the corporation
We do not provide any explicit and implicit consultation or designation activity for any of the referral evaluation sites
In case of having any business interest and affiliation with the assessment bodies, we shall announce to the organization and also follow the impartiality and confidentiality policies
In case of encountering conflict of interest from conformity assessment bodies under evaluation, we will act professionally