Certification Process:

Prior to applying for certification, we advise on the overall audit process, then we will send a proposal for the audit scheme and certification fee, if requested by the company.
Upon receipt of the application for certification, the contract is concluded automatically and if requested, a separate contract can be issued.
After the certification request is confirmed, the company will be notified of a detailed audit schedule including the audit team and the audit scheme. At this stage, the certification unit at Iranian Govah Cosar Co. negotiates the audit schedule with the company.
The aim of this step is to provide an opportunity to improve the system through a preliminary review. This step is done only upon the request of the applicant company and charges no fee.
The first stage audit is the process during which the competence of the management system is verified. Regarding each requested standard, the review method will be slightly different and the management system documents are reviewed accordingly.
The second stage audit is performed through on-site evaluations and based on objective facts to verify the compliance of the management system of the company with the requirements related to the scope of certification. If the requirements are met, the applicant is offered to register for the certificate.
In case of any non-conformity as a result of the audit, corrective actions have to be taken and the result of the corrective actions will be confirmed through writing or on-site examination.
The certification unit at Iranian Govah Cosar Co. evaluates the possibility of certification by assessing the competence of the entire audit process.
After deciding on the registration of the certificate, the certificate is issued and delivered to the clients.
The surveillance audits are conducted in accordance with the method of the initial on-site audit to ensure that the organization complies with the certification requirements. The regular follow-up audits will be carried out every year from the date of the initial audit and in accordance with ISO and IAF MD international regulations. The date of the first surveillance audit cannot exceed more than 12 months after the date of certification decision.
This step is performed after each three years for re-certification and according to the initial certification audit procedure.