Training Academy

Your personnel are your most valuable asset!

Comprehensive knowledge about the latest global business trends, international standards, and quality and safety requirements will upgrade the personnel of your company and keep you on the path of development and progression. Hence, we consider the staff training activities as a safe investment that guarantee the success of the organization. To educate your staff and experts, pursue the best tutor.

Iranian Govah Cosar Co. delivers the best comprehensive training services to individuals and organizations at various levels, ranging from diverse training courses for management systems, occupational safety and international standards to special training programs for directors and experts. Performing these training activities, we aim to establish added value for customers and clients. The educational programs of the Iranian Govah Cosar Co. are held by experienced and proficient experts, and increase the competence and awareness in your company which paves the way to achieve of the organizational goals.

Online Academy

To retain the educational activities and provision of services during the current pandemic situation, our online academy implements the appropriate infrastructure in diverse platforms to organize e-learning courses, webinars and virtual classes.

Currently, the following training courses are held at the academy of Iranian Govah Cosar. Plus, you can recommend special topics and training programs in accordance with the training needs of your personnel and the market’s demand. The special training courses of Iranian Govah Cosar Academy are held by skillful experts, in cooperation with active partners in industries.

  • Quality management systems
  • Medical devices
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental management
  • food industry
  • Information security
  • Risk management
  • Business management
  • Calibration tests
  • Internal audit
  • Technical files
  • CE Directives

for more information, please contact our colleagues at Iranian Govah Cosar Company.