Iranian Govah Cosar

Iranian Govah Cosar Company is an active private institution using the skills of experienced and qualified specialists and also cooperating with reputable international authorities in the field of registration and issuance certification of systems and products in order to provide novel approaches to ensure quality, safety and business sustainability of organizations.

We facilitate your way to:

  • enter new markets
  • develop your expertise
  • boost your reputation
  • experience a sustainable growth
  • commerce conveniently
  • enhance your efficiency
  • manage the risks of your business

Iranian Govah Cosar Company aims to deliver services with the highest quality level in certification of quality management systems and products in order to support the establishment of the system and sustainable credit in organizations, especially in the field of food industry, medical equipment and treatment. According to the evaluations of IMED (National Medical Device Directorate, IRAN), the company has also been registered in the list of approved and reputable certification bodies.

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Some Questions of Iranian Govah Cosar’s Customers

In order to get an international certification, the compliance of the applicant company's management system with the required standard requirements will be reviewed during audit sessions, and a decision about certification issuance will be made after the legal process. For more information, contact our experts.
The cost of issuing international certifications will be calculated based on various criteria such as the scope of the organization, the number of staff, the place of production and the number of audit days. This cost will be determined after the application is submitted and will be notified to the requesting organization.
Organizations have up to 8 working weeks from the date of the audit to resolve the minor non-conformities detected in the audit session. In case of major non-compliance, the time limit will depend on the type of non-compliance.
After the non-compliance is eliminated and the documents are completed by the organization, Certification will be issued at least 30 to 45 working days.
Iranina Govah Cosar continuously monitor the performance of their auditors, and you can send your request in case of any complaints about the performance of the auditors through the complaint registration form. You are assured that these matters will be dealt with as soon as possible.